Cars For Casa

This past Sunday (05-17-15) DFWLX participated in one of its favorite charity events – Cars for CASA. Even with the rainy start – we were able to take home our coveted club participation award! Thank you to each of our members who took the time to drive out to the Harbor in Rockwall and support such an amazing organization.  We would also like to give special recognition to the following club members for the individual awards: 


Mark – Class Award (Challenger Class)


Dino Childs – Class Winner / 06 & Newer Dodge Charger


James “Jazz Blue Hellcat” – Modern Mopar Class Winner


Alvaro Camarena – Class Award / 06 & Newer Dodge Charger 


DFWLX Modern Mopar – Club Participation Award 

Charity events are a special kind of event for DFWLX. When the moons align and the weather is right (and the food trucks are hustling) DFWLX will fill a parking lot for a good cause. We’ve done it more than once. As a group, our members are hard working, good-hearted, mopar loving families. With that said – we wanted to not only thank our members for always supporting local charity events, but to highlight the good that CASA does. For many of our members – they have no idea what CASA is all about. If you’ll give me a couple of minutes of your time, I will give you the quick rundown of what the amazing and selfless CASA volunteers do for the unnoticed children in our communities.  

“our members are hard working, good-hearted, mopar loving families”

CASA is an acronym for Court Appointed Special Advocates. When an abused or neglected child enters the court system, a judge will appoint them a CASA volunteer to watch over and advocate for them. Only them. The CASA advocate is charged with making sure the child doesn’t get lost in the overburdened legal & social services system or worse, get housed and stuck in a situation that offers nothing better than his biological home. The CASA advocate helps makes sure the child is taken care of not only physically, but is emotionally cared for and is properly bonding and is finding his/her way at school. The CASA advocate will often communicate with therapists to make sure visits aren’t being missed, make sure medication is being monitored, etc… They are an intricate part of the success of children who are in long term foster care.  

The CASA program is partially funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Anyone who works for the federal government knows that funding at this level is bare minimum. The CASA program relies heavily on private funding and donations & the services of their volunteer advocates – meaning the CASA advocates are not compensated for their time invested into the children they are trying to save in our community. They need every ounce of support they can find. Below is the link to the CASA program to find more information. Let’s show CASA what DFWLX is all about – if you haven’t already, and if you can, please donate any amount, or if have the time and energy to volunteer for CASA, then fill out the form and start changing little lives. Personally, I am unbelievably proud to be part of a group that gives back to organizations and groups that need it.

Cars For Casa

Laps for Charity

Written By: Pedro Murillo “Ezcorpion”
Photography By: Mario Baltierra “MKnight”


Our DFWLX family came together to support the Speedway Children’s Charity.

The event started off with some delicious BBQ from Hard 8. From there we jumped in the cars on our caravan to Texas Motor Speedway. It was surreal watching all the LX’s run on the track & hearing those engines roar!

After everyone had enough turns on the track we settled in front of Big Hoss while we waited for Need For Speed to start.

“I wish this happened more often. I couldn’t get over the smiles everyone had on their faces after parking their cars. We really appreciate everyone that took the time to join us. This club is successful because of YOU.”  – Pedro Murillo (Ezcorpion)

Each page of the gallery contains photos.

DFWLX Central Monthly M&G – Irving TX – 3rd Friday!

As the DFW area continues to grow and expand, DFWLX modern mopar club grows with it. As our family expands with new members, it becomes more difficult for everyone to get to know one another, mainly because DFWLX events span the entire DFW area. The staff noticed this change and wanted to create a way where members, new and old, could come together as one and share their passion for family, for DFWLX, and of course, their cars!

The new era has begun! DFWLX brings you an event created for one single purpose… to bring us together! DFWLX offers so many different activities to attend: track races, autocross, car shows, car meets, game arcades, picnics & so much more. The staff wanted to have an event where our members could interact in a more relaxed manner. We have heard time and time again from our members that this club brings people together and creates strong friendships along the way. We wanted to make sure that it continues to happen & by creating this monthly event, we will be doing just that. As everyone knows – the main reason we are members of DFWLX is for our vehicles – yes they are pretty wicked & we love seeing the modifications made, but that only goes so far. The cars bring us together, but DFWLX members set us apart from the rest.


Our first Central Meet and Greet was held on August 16, 2013, at MBBC Church in Irving. The turnout was tremendous with 72 vehicles and nearly 100 people! That was a great showing for our first central meet, and it can only get bigger and better. The event allowed members to pick up decals, apparel, tag cards, and get to know one another! IMG_0038_zpsda1777c7
This inaugural monthly event gave members the ability to finally put a face to the screen name from the club forum. There were new modifications to show since the last meet, new cars to view and new respected opinions to give regarding how to improve the “show and go” of each car!
Also, Hi-Def Auto Detail showed up to do a demonstration and to sell their products at a discount to DFWLX members. IMG_0043_zps6c305b46

The first Central Meet was a great test, but also allowed the staff to see what improvements could be made. There are future plans for more club apparel, decals, magazines, vendors, AND food trucks for out monthly event! DFWLX members are stoked about having a regularly scheduled time and place to meet and get a chance to get to know each other. We’ve created a way for DFWLX members to share their passion for cars in person, rather than behind a computer screen.


Every third Friday, the DFWLX staff will host the Central Meet and Greet at the MBBC Church in Irving. We are hoping this monthly event will bring out more members in the future, and help make DFWLX bigger and better!

Check out the rest of the pictures taken & comments left by our members here.

Design: Mario “Mknight”
Feature written by: Joshua “Mopar432″
Photography: Brock “Bvigne01″

HemiKingSRT8 – In Print Feature

2007 Dodge Charger SRT8
Owner: Ken Armer
Photos by Kalem Romero Photography
Written by Blaine Calloway


Ken “HemiKingSRT8” Armer and his girlfriend Meggan Ayala joined DFWLX in July 2011 after purchasing a 2007 SRT Charger. After trying to gain knowledge and expertise on another forum “KrazyKilo” urged Ken to check out DFWLX.

Ken loves the weekly meets and the “family and friends” atmosphere of the club. Ken joined DFWLX to gain experience and get connected with other Mopar fans like him. Ken’s badges on the forum are Charger owner, Club supporter, and Magazine Staff.

You are most likely to see Ken at the weekly Tilted Kilt Wednesday meet and the Friday Main Event meets with Meggan joining him.

When Ken is not trying to improve his car or at a meet, he is usually working on school work, finishing up his last semester at the University of North Texas. Upon completion of his Bachelors in Criminal Justice Ken hopes to become a Texas State Trooper or local police officer.

[blockquote cite=”Ken Armer”]I bought this car for the fact I can fit family and friends in it, and still have 425 horses to help me enjoy the ride wherever I’m going[/blockquote]

Ken bought his 07 Charger SRT last June, and now entering his first full show and racing season he has high hopes now that he’s had time to add mods. His Black and Brembo Red dual themed SRT Autobot lovingly nicknamed “Torque” is still in the early stages of modification but Ken already has hopes of adding a supercharger to the car down the road.


  • “Come and Take it” Custom Plates with SRT-8 Plate Frames
  • SRT Brilliant Black side markers
  • Autobot Ram’s head deletes on front and rear
  • AAC Red & White dual-color Halo LED’s Stock Rims with SRT8 center-caps running on Hankook Ventus
  • V12 Evo K110


  • AFE Stage II CAI
  • Ported 85mm Throttle Body
  • More to come…
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