Gypsy – Rachel “Bubblz” Feature

Story By: Josh “Mopar432″
Photography By: Jake “Simmonz”


2014 Dodge Charger SXT
Rachel “Bubblz”

DFWLX is comprised of members all over North Texas that come together for a common passion: cars. Rachel “Bubblz” is no exception. Rachel and her husband, Kenny “KDog”, are from Burkburnett, which is on the other side of Wichita Falls, yet they consistently make the drive down for the monthly meet and greet. The family friendly atmosphere and the fellow DFWLX members are what drive Rachel’s dedication to make it down as much as possible.

Rachel’s husband had read an article in TX Monthly about DFWLX and it immediately sparked an interest. He kept talking about the club and all aspects of it, which made Rachel, want to join as well. Rachel has a 2014 Dodge Charger SXT with the only pink club decals on the front and back windows. The Charger is a staple in their family since her husband has a 2008 Charger and she used to have a 2011 Charger.

Our DFWLX members are recognized on the forum with different badges that can describe that person, present and past. Rachel has a military and public safety badge. She is also part of the DFWLX Race Team. She is constantly looking for new members by tagging cars in her hometown and Dallas whenever she is in town. The unexpected enjoyment of car shows and meetings has fueled her desire to spread the word of the DFWLX club.

If you know Rachel, you know that she likes to anonymously help others. She is dedicated to giving back to those who are less fortunate, without the recognition. This passion to give back is a huge aspect of the DFWLX beliefs. The members believe in giving back to their community and Rachel has been a staple of that since joining the club in March of 2013. She hopes that she is remembered for giving back while loving life and enjoying every day with family and friends. Rachel and “Gypsie”, her nickname for her 2014 Charger, have represented the club with dignity and class.

MKnight – DFWLX Magazine Final In Print Issue

2009 Dodge Challenger SE
Mario Baltierra “MKnight”
Member of the Month – October 2011
Photos by Kalem Romero

A car club is not just about the cars looking good, but the website and magazines need to be sharp and designed with an eye-catching array of graphics. Mario “MKnight” Baltierra has been one of the driving forces behind the amazing graphics on the website and new club magazine for DFWLX. He has dedicated his skills to the club as a Graphics Designer and has helped create a progressive image for the DFWLX club. As a profession, Mario is a graphics designer and has used his talent and eye for the DFWLX family in creating the club that keeps growing. Mario explains his desire to become a staff member saying, “I wanted to lend my skills to the club to help build its appearance and increase membership which will in turn build our contributions to charities the club supports.”

DSC_0668_webGiving back is one of the pillars the DFWLX club believes in and Mario is no exception. He and his family dedicate a lot of their time to local charities to help those less fortunate. He helps in any drive and event that benefits a charity in the DFW area because he feels it is right for a group to give back and help their community. Toys for Tots is one of the club’s biggest events and charity drives of the year and Mario makes sure he attends and helps in any way possible.


His passion has been evident ever since joining the club in July, 2010 and he has leant his skills to creating the best representation of the club for the events. Mario’s dedication was recognized by the club when they voted him Member of the Month for October, 2011. Mario graced the DFWLX club with his membership after receiving his 2009 Dodge Challenger. A simple search on the internet exposed him to the DFLWX website and decided it would be a great fit for him and his Challenger. Mario expresses his enjoyment for the club saying,

“I am a member of DFWLX because I like what the club does for its community through the support for charities, family members, events, and their desire to ‘drive’ these vehicles to their fullest potential.”

Mario’s first events were the Meet and Greets at Sherlock’s in Arlington where he was introduced to Chris “Texasbrotha420” Cassell. Chris helped him get to know other members of the club and as Mario would put it, “the rest is history.”

When Mario brings his car out to events, he makes sure his wife and daughter are usually with him. He shares his passion for cars and the club with them, making the DFWLX family part of his family. People close to Mario know that he has a passion for classic trucks and cars. He has owned four classic trucks that he has had since he graduated high school. His love for the modern tribute to the classic Challengers drove him to sell his most recent classic truck to purchase his Challenger. “I wanted something that the entire family could cruise in, as well as, something I could enjoy every day,” Mario explains about what drove him to purchase his Challenger.


Since purchasing his Challenger, Mario has driven his family around town and shown it off to other members. For his passion and exposure, his Mother and cousin’s wife have since purchased a Challenger. Currently he is the only member of his family that has joined the DFWLX club, but that will not remain for long.

Since owning his Challenger, Mario has made small performance modifications and a number of appearance modifications to personalize his ride. Most modifications are subtle changes that only car-minded individuals might notice. There are plans in the works to make “subtle enhancements that [will make] people say, wow, I didn’t notice that at first, but I knew there was something about the look that I liked.” He aims to create a sleeper Challenger that surprises everyone at the shows and on the street.
Mario has used his talents and passion for cars to help build and expand the DFWLX reputation and continues to lend his eye to keep the club on the cutting edge. His desire to give back to the community has also helped build a reputation for the club throughout the DFW area and among other car clubs as a charitable group that donates time, money, gifts, and friendship to those in need. Without members like Mario, the club would not have had the opportunity to grow to its current stature and continue to grow every day. Mario has the desire to give back but also points out his passion for the cars themselves.

“The Challenger is now my daily driver and I enjoy every minute I get behind the wheel. These cars are a blast to drive.”



  • AirRaid Cold Air Intake & Custom Intake Tube
  • Dual Cat-Back Exhaust with Silverline Quad Tips
  • Diablo Predator Tuner
  • Ported Throttle Body
  • Eibach Pro-line Suspension
  • Mopar Hood Struts
  • Mopar Challenger Stainless Steel Door Sill Guards
  • Mopar T-handle Shifter
  • Mopar Pedal Kit
  • Custom Vinyl Stripes
  • Painted Calipers
  • Underhood Billet Dress-Up Kit
  • 20” Boss 338 Staggered Wheels with Nitto Tires
  • LED Glow Headlights
  • Chrome Fuel Door
  • Custom SE Grill Badge
  • Red Gauge Trim
  • Red Grill Trim
  • Red Interior/Exterior Badging

HemiKingSRT8 – In Print Feature

2007 Dodge Charger SRT8
Owner: Ken Armer
Photos by Kalem Romero Photography
Written by Blaine Calloway


Ken “HemiKingSRT8” Armer and his girlfriend Meggan Ayala joined DFWLX in July 2011 after purchasing a 2007 SRT Charger. After trying to gain knowledge and expertise on another forum “KrazyKilo” urged Ken to check out DFWLX.

Ken loves the weekly meets and the “family and friends” atmosphere of the club. Ken joined DFWLX to gain experience and get connected with other Mopar fans like him. Ken’s badges on the forum are Charger owner, Club supporter, and Magazine Staff.

You are most likely to see Ken at the weekly Tilted Kilt Wednesday meet and the Friday Main Event meets with Meggan joining him.

When Ken is not trying to improve his car or at a meet, he is usually working on school work, finishing up his last semester at the University of North Texas. Upon completion of his Bachelors in Criminal Justice Ken hopes to become a Texas State Trooper or local police officer.

[blockquote cite=”Ken Armer”]I bought this car for the fact I can fit family and friends in it, and still have 425 horses to help me enjoy the ride wherever I’m going[/blockquote]

Ken bought his 07 Charger SRT last June, and now entering his first full show and racing season he has high hopes now that he’s had time to add mods. His Black and Brembo Red dual themed SRT Autobot lovingly nicknamed “Torque” is still in the early stages of modification but Ken already has hopes of adding a supercharger to the car down the road.


  • “Come and Take it” Custom Plates with SRT-8 Plate Frames
  • SRT Brilliant Black side markers
  • Autobot Ram’s head deletes on front and rear
  • AAC Red & White dual-color Halo LED’s Stock Rims with SRT8 center-caps running on Hankook Ventus
  • V12 Evo K110


  • AFE Stage II CAI
  • Ported 85mm Throttle Body
  • More to come…
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Pyscho300 – In Print Feature

Chrysler 300 SRT8
Kalem Romero “Psycho300”
Member of the Month – August 2011
Photos by Kalem Romero


Often times a small decision can make a ripple so large, that it could very well be felt for a lifetime. That ripple started when a car enthusiast decided to take a chance on a car he didn’t even know existed. He has always been a fan of horsepower but never knew that one could have it coupled with unrivaled comfort as well. Those dreams of having a car with enough horsepower to rip it up at the track and yet comfortable enough to take on a vacation would soon be at his grasp. Because soon enough he would stumble onto a Chrysler 300c SRT8 and fall in love with a heritage that he thought was lost long ago.


The story starts out much like any. Walking around a car lot one evening he was approached by a salesman and greeted much like any other day at the car lot. “What brings you in today?” After giving the salesman the list of cars he was looking for, the likes of which were a Corvette, GTO and a few other 2 door sports cars. He exclaimed that he just wanted something with a lot of horsepower and something he could have fun in. The salesman turned and pointed to a lone Chrysler 300 sitting in the lot. As he looks over a slight chuckle was let out as he explained to the salesman, that he wanted something with power and handling. Sure the car was comfortable and the look was always something of interest, but it was not nearly sporty enough to handle the demands he had. The salesman responded with a chuckle of his own and with a huge grin said man this is an SRT8 give her a test drive and I’m sure you will be more than happy with her as he throws him the keys to what would be one of the best investments and pieces of advice he had ever taken.

web_psycho4Soon bitten by the mod bug and looking for like-minded car enthusiasts to hang out with he embarked on a journey that would soon put him on a path that would allow him the opportunity to meet some amazing people, learn more then he imagine about his car and settle into an important role with a car club that he could truly call family. This club as I’m sure you have guessed it was DFWLX. From day one he could feel that he was already part of something great. The way the club welcomed him in with open arms and showing that they were truly willing to help out one another whenever they possibly could. Created a feeling that this was group that he could truly be a part of and be more than happy to assist with anything club related, car related and help out members whenever a problem arises. It’s that willingness of always wanting to give back and allow the tradition of family to continue on down the line like it was given to him that keeps such a great club alive. And being an avid fan of the heritagethat Mopar brings to the table, it was not a hard decision to continue on with building his dream car based on the LX platform and return back to a life he once had and thought he would never have again. That life was building, customizing and racing custom cars. A true car enthusiast in love with every part of the culture and when he isn’t researching, modding or helping others with their own custom cars. He is in the background helping with DFWLX staff duties and running one of the clubs local meet and greets.

web_psycho4The man I speak of is Kalem Romero mister “Psycho” or “Psycho300” himself. A nickname well fitted for a man that’s compulsive, out of the box and over the top tendencies often lead him down a path less traveled but always succeeding with great results and bringing something fresh and new to the table. &#9689



    • Color matching done throughout engine bay
    • Black on black radio, shifter and steering wheel bezels
    • Black 300 shifter plate
    • Custom Billet Grille
    • Hurst Billet Shifter
    • Carbon Fiber Racing Pedals
    • Color matched Fogs and Side Markers
    • De-molded and de-badged exterior
    • Custom Black Mesh Front Bumper Backings
    • Color Matched ABS Cover
    • Billet Technology custom engine bay dress up kit
    • Custom Strut Covers
    • Custom interior trunk lid
    • Drake Billet Strut Bolts
    • Dynamated Trunk
    • Sick Speed Hex Bolt and Aluminum Washer
    • engine bay bolt upgrade
    • Strut Brace Color matched
    • Audi Style Driving Leds
    • Blue engine bay LEDs
    • Blue, White and Color change interior lights
    • Custom License Plate Frames
    • Custom engine bay badges





  • Exatorq Tuning and Performance CMR Street Tune
  • Exatorq Tuning and Performance Ported Throttle Body
  • AFE Stage 2 CAI
  • Diablo Predator
  • 180 Thermostat
  • Blastin’ Bobs Resonator Deletes
  • After Market Mufflers
  • DC Strut Brace
  • Stack Performance Oil/Air Separator