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Drive Auto Appearance Center

Cameron Johnson, Owner


Most of you already know about Drive Auto Appearance Center and have met Cameron Johnson, the owner, or “Cam” for short. If you’ve been to one of his demonstrations, or had the pleasure of having your car detailed by Cam, then you understand what all the excitement is about. Just in case you don’t know what Drive Auto Appearance Center is all about, I’ll give you Cam’s formal statement 

…Drive Auto Appearance Center specializes in providing premium vehicle protection packages including ceramic glass coatings, and interior protection coatings. We offer the best in class paint correction and restoration as well as odor removal and headlight restoration….

To sum it up – Drive Auto Appearance keeps your car looking amazing. By using Cam’s products on a regular basis, you can actually help preserve the life of your paint and upholstery, and protect them from the elements.

Cam is a long time supporter of DFWLX. He’s been offering high-end auto appearance services as well as premium, and easy to use products that create award winning results. Drive Auto Appearance officially launched in 2007 and has since been named 2009’s Best Detailer Award, 2010 Christian Business of the Year Award, and in 2015 was given the Green Business Certification. Those are some impressive milestones in Drive Auto’s short 8 year existence. What makes Cam’s products stand out is that he developed his own line of premium, eco-friendly car care products that allow all of us to consistently create superior results by either taking your car to him for detailing, or by purchasing his products and using them at your home.  

One thing is for sure, when you see DFWLX roll in deep at a car show, you can be sure that the majority of the cars have either used Cam’s products, or are about to set up and start wiping down! If you’ve ever wondered what the coveted “purple or green stuff” is that everyone is spraying on their car – it’s Cam’s Evo Waterless Car Wash & Wax. That’s all you need when you roll up to a show and need to hit the high spots and clean off anything you may have picked up during the trip to the show. That stuff is amazing!  

Cam’s commitment to DFWLX has been strong and evident through the years. He periodically offers Saturday workshops to bring members in and show them how to use his products. He also lets them get their hands dirty by giving them practical experience when they are there. Also, when Cam see’s your DFWLX sticker or badge, he will make sure that your car gets a little extra TLC. He does offer DFWLX member discounts, and we are the some of the first to know when there’s a sale going on at his shop.  


When Cam’s not at the shop working on everyone else’s cars, you’ll find him *and I quote* “…doing car stuff with my car friends!” Now that’s the man you want to take care of your car, someone who shares our passion for our coveted Mopars! We asked Cam how he got into the detailing business. His answer was unanticipated. He was introduced to the industry by his grandfather, who was a master detailer for Cadillac. WOW! At the ripe age of 15, Cam started developing his skills which he has “polished” through the years. I’m sure he and his grandfather had a few good memories to share, but we sure are thankful for all the hard work and dedication that Cam provides to DFWLX members and all of his customers. Be sure to get in touch with Cam with any questions, and inquire about getting your own personal Drive Auto Detail Kit for your car so that you’re always prepared to look your best!  

Take a moment and tell Cam how much we appreciate on one of the following contact methods:


From all of us at DFWLX – thank you Cam and Drive Auto Appearance Center for helping keep our Mopars looking amazing!


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