DFWLX Member of the Month : Etson Portillo

This month the staff nominated Etson Portillo as the September Member of the Month. He has been an active member since November 2013. You can find him on the forum under “soniccharger23” or at most of DFWLX organized events sporting his ’07 Dodge Charger SXT. Etson is as proud of his car as he is to be a member of DFWLX. When you see him out, make sure and check out his handy work. To date, he’s installed his multi-colored halos, 2” Dropzone springs, dual Magnaflow exhaust, CAI, and 22” KMC Novas that make his Charger pop.

Etson first joined DFWLX so that he could find other like-minded Mopar enthusiasts. Being a huge fan of the Mopar line, and being able to reach out and talk to other members is what sold him on joining the club. He said that what keeps him active as a member is pretty simple. He loves the cars, and the club is AWESOME! He believes that DFWLX has offered a Mopar family for him to be a part of that not only respects each other as members, but also reached out and gives back to the communities that DFWLX operates in. The icing on the cake is being able to hang out with friends and see amazing cars all at the same time. Since there’s not one particular event that Etson enjoys more, he’s happy bouncing from monthly meets, to the car shows and cruises that DFWLX hosts.

When Etson is not drooling over his Charger, he works at Watermill Express, which is a company in Dallas that insures we all drink and have access to clean water. When he’s not working, you’ll find him under the hood of his Charger, or searching the internet for new mods. He also enjoys hanging out with his family, especially outside in this cooler weather with some goodies on the grill.


DFWLX has had a positive impact on Etson. He stated that the club has brought him knowledge of so many things, like different mods, seeing the smallest details in making his car look good, and also how to make it ride and perform better. Most importantly, being part of a group that shares his love for modern mopars and is excited to find out and share the newest and best thing out there for the Mopar line – is priceless.


DFWLX would like to thank Etson for his dedication to the club and his commitment to make it a better place. Everyone take a moment at our next Monthly Central Meet to say hello to him, and thank him for being a wonderful part of DFWLX!

Congrats, Etson!


Photography: Jake Davison
Writer: Cincita Murillo

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