Laps for Charity

Written By: Pedro Murillo “Ezcorpion”
Photography By: Mario Baltierra “MKnight”


Our DFWLX family came together to support the Speedway Children’s Charity.

The event started off with some delicious BBQ from Hard 8. From there we jumped in the cars on our caravan to Texas Motor Speedway. It was surreal watching all the LX’s run on the track & hearing those engines roar!

After everyone had enough turns on the track we settled in front of Big Hoss while we waited for Need For Speed to start.

“I wish this happened more often. I couldn’t get over the smiles everyone had on their faces after parking their cars. We really appreciate everyone that took the time to join us. This club is successful because of YOU.”  – Pedro Murillo (Ezcorpion)

Each page of the gallery contains photos.

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