Shake’n Bake – Mike “Challenger11″ Feature

Story By: Josh “Mopar432″
Photography By: Jake “Simmonz”


2011 Dodge Challenger R/T
Mike “Challenger11″

A consistent aspect of the DFLWX club is the numbers that represent in car shows and meets all over the North Texas area. Car clubs all over North Texas know the DFLWX club and the large representation that follows. That kind of following first brought the club name to Michael “Challenger11” when he was part of the Dallas Mustang club. Through other clubs across the area, Michael heard real good things about the club as a whole, which sparked his interest in DFWLX.

When the Challenger was released in 2008, it drew a lot of attention with its retro look and classic styling. Michael was one of those admirers, yet it was out of his price range at the time. In February of 2011, he went to the dealer looking at the new Dodge Durango. They told him about a 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T sitting on the back of the lot that was being sold at a discounted price. One test drive and he was sold. It was not too long before he joined the DFWLX family in April 2013. Michael is constantly hyping the club to other LX owners all over DFW, making sure to promote the family atmosphere aspect of the club.

When he is not attending shows, meets and greets, or race events, Michael is an Application Engineer for Crestron Electronics. It is an automation company that controls audio visual equipment, HVAC systems, lighting, etc. He has a degree in Video Broadcast Technology from Northlake College. Recently, he has been getting back into photography and video production, which is a great resource for the DFWLX club. Just like most DFWLX members, he cares more about the well-being of others rather than himself. He is always willing to lend a hand whenever he can.

Michael enjoys attending all the events hosted by the club and his central location of Grapevine makes it easy to attend all over DFW. Since joining the club in 2013, Michael has enjoyed the fun and friendly atmosphere of DFWLX. He enjoys the aspect of members helping members and has made a lot of new friends. The connection with other members is the main difference Michael has noticed from other car clubs. The connection has also made other members suggest to him that he call his car “Shake ‘N’ Bake.” He had never really thought about naming his car, but the suggested name has really started to grow on him, just like the DFWLX club.

ST Coilovers
Savini Black Forza Wheel
Cervinis Shaker Kit
Magnaflow Exhaust>
3GCustomz Accessories
Boston Acoustics 7 speakers system w/10″ Subwoofer

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