HemiKingSRT8 – In Print Feature

2007 Dodge Charger SRT8
Owner: Ken Armer
Photos by Kalem Romero Photography
Written by Blaine Calloway


Ken “HemiKingSRT8” Armer and his girlfriend Meggan Ayala joined DFWLX in July 2011 after purchasing a 2007 SRT Charger. After trying to gain knowledge and expertise on another forum “KrazyKilo” urged Ken to check out DFWLX.

Ken loves the weekly meets and the “family and friends” atmosphere of the club. Ken joined DFWLX to gain experience and get connected with other Mopar fans like him. Ken’s badges on the forum are Charger owner, Club supporter, and Magazine Staff.

You are most likely to see Ken at the weekly Tilted Kilt Wednesday meet and the Friday Main Event meets with Meggan joining him.

When Ken is not trying to improve his car or at a meet, he is usually working on school work, finishing up his last semester at the University of North Texas. Upon completion of his Bachelors in Criminal Justice Ken hopes to become a Texas State Trooper or local police officer.

[blockquote cite=”Ken Armer”]I bought this car for the fact I can fit family and friends in it, and still have 425 horses to help me enjoy the ride wherever I’m going[/blockquote]

Ken bought his 07 Charger SRT last June, and now entering his first full show and racing season he has high hopes now that he’s had time to add mods. His Black and Brembo Red dual themed SRT Autobot lovingly nicknamed “Torque” is still in the early stages of modification but Ken already has hopes of adding a supercharger to the car down the road.


  • “Come and Take it” Custom Plates with SRT-8 Plate Frames
  • SRT Brilliant Black side markers
  • Autobot Ram’s head deletes on front and rear
  • AAC Red & White dual-color Halo LED’s Stock Rims with SRT8 center-caps running on Hankook Ventus
  • V12 Evo K110


  • AFE Stage II CAI
  • Ported 85mm Throttle Body
  • More to come…
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