DFWLX @ Mopars at the Motorplex

It was a great weekend at the Motorplex for some racing and showing, once the rain stopped. The DFWLX Race Team had a great time, shared knowledge, and got to prepare for Sunday’s TMCC racing at the Motorplex.

The Mopars at the Motorplex event is a great opportunity for Mopar enthusiasts to see ALL years of Mopars shined up and doing what they were designed to do…go fast.

The only trophy for DFWLX at this event was in the car show. That was won by Kevin “srt392″ in the Modern LX class. Congratulations Kevin!

Results for the DFWLX Race and Show Teams:

Modern Hemi Shoot Out

  • Chuck “Chuck466″ lost in 2nd round
  • David “Stricnine” lost in 2nd round
  • Curtis “Charger786″ lost in 2nd round
  • Jeromy “MoparCowboy” lost in 1st round
  • Jose “Plumloco” lost in 1nd round

Super Pro

  • Chuck “Chuck466″ lost 1st round

DOT Class

  • John “Deceptijohn” lost in 1st round
  • Jorge “surfer1420″ lost in 1st round

Challenger Shootout

  • Jose “Plumloco” lost in 1st round
  • David “Stricnine” lost in 2nd round

Car Show

  • Modern LX Winner – Kevin “srt392″
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