Pissy’s Dakota – In Print Feature

2006 Dodge Dakota
Ricky Erling “OSwindle139”
Photos by Lonnie Fluty

Long time DFWLX member Robert Erling, also known as “Pissy” on the forums is DFWLX’s Advertising liaison. Robert officially joined in 2009 but has been attending meets with his older brother Ricky aka “OSwindle139” since 2008. Robert helps out with a lot of the behind the scenes action to make sure all the DFWLX events run smoothly. If you have seen Robert at the events, he does not drive an LX platform vehicle, although he still has one cool 2006 Dodge Dakota! Now you may be wondering why this “truck” is in the club and the answer is we need it! Robert and his truck have made sure that all of the high end and large video and photography equipment safely make it to all the DFWLX events, as well as anything else we might need, canopy’s, coolers, etc. Robert isn’t afraid to travel across Texas with the club and has done so on more than one occasion.

pissywebRobert bought his Dodge Dakota in May 2010 bone stock from a local dealership. Shortly after purchasing the truck he went to work “blacking out” the entire truck. Robert had the headlights, wheels and tail lights all painted brilliant black to match the paint code on the truck, he even bought a custom grille, sanded it down and repainted it himself to match the paint code on the truck. We asked Robert what his future plans were for the truck and his response was

“I want to make it faster than my brothers Charger R/T.” Robert said “I either want to drop a 6.1L Hemi engine into it or “officially” move into the LX world and buy a brand new Challenger SRT8, either way I plan on staying with the DFWLX club for a long time.”

Robert is a great member and friend to the entire DFWLX club, always ready to lend a helping hand…or crack a joke on the President. ◙


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