Overpowered – In Print Feature

2009 Dodge Challenger SRT
Eric Gold “Overpowered”
Member of the Month – March 2011
Photos by LaMichael C. Pruitt & Kalem Romero


Eric Gold is known as “Overpowered” both by his screen name and for having one nasty powerhouse of a car, while still retaining his Challenger SRT8s stock appearance. Eric has always had a place in his heart and his driveway for Mopars.

In his early years as the neighborhood gear head, Eric took the lessons learned from his father an ex-Mercedes mechanic and garage tinkerer, along with his technical talents to graduate from repairing bicycles and dirt bikes moving on to cars all before even having a driver’s license. Eric could be often seen wrenching in one of the family’s Mopars whether it was the Plymouth Belvedere or their Plymouth Satellite. Upon getting his license, he was driving the family’s tank a Dodge Polara Custom and shortly thereafter he needed his own wheels and bought a Plymouth Cricket. It wasn’t long after driving and owning these not so desirable Mopars, that Eric bought himself a plain Jane ‘71 Plymouth Barracuda with a 318 auto from his High School gym teacher. Through several convolutions of upgrades to the stock small block, finally a balanced and blueprinted 440 was dropped in this Cuda. This turned the Cuda into a 10.5 second, barely street legal ”Overpowered” beast.

web_overpowered2Soon Eric’s love of E bodied Mopars turned a 21st century announcement of the new Challenger into an immediate commitment of having one. That commitment took 4 years to get fulfilled, because of continued local dealer issues, further delays and gouging market adjustments. Eric finally went on to track every planning and build step of his car. At which point his search finally ended and he found his new soon to be “Overpowered” beast at South Oak Dodge near Chicago, getting the car just on week before Thanksgiving 2008. “With my lack of time or space for a project like the Cuda, the new Challenger fit the bill perfectly with old school looks and new school performance and reliability”, Eric says.

web_overpowered3This Challenger started life under close supervision of “Brampton Builder” on Nov 10, 2008 in the Brampton plant where he personally signed the vehicle making this vehicle very unique. Eric received the car in Texas with 12 miles on the odometer on Nov 24. Only two days after receiving his car, Eric joined the DFWLX car club. The club has not only been a valuable resource for everything to do with Modern Mopars, but for him it is a family of people who genuinely care about one another and are always there to help out or just share a friendly smile.

I joined the club in order to be able to learn and share expertise with others. It turned out to have many more benefits than I could ever imagine.

Eric’s commitment to DFWLX led him to being added to the staff as a club photographer. “I like to experiment with photography and love going to club events. Being one of the club photographers gives me an opportunity to tie these two together”.

web_overpowered4Eric isn’t the only Gold family member that is active at events and meet and greets though, his youngest daughter Remy (12) can be seen at almost any event he attends. She will make any event she can as long as the event does not interfere with school or sports. Remy also benefits from being able to attend car events with her Uncle Steve Gold (Ford Mustang Club) when Eric is unable to attend an event. Eric’s wife LeeAnn, daughter Maddy (17) and son Spencer (14) also enjoy attending several events and meet and greets each year.

In early 2009, Eric started to adventure out trying his hand at road racing on track days in the Challenger and showing many that these Challengers are more than the best looking retro muscle cars out there today. Eric is also part of the DFWLX Recovery (Chase) Team using his Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Diesel for hauling his car and road racing gear to the track or gear to an event.

web_overpowered6Then in late 2010, Eric began discussions with Exatorq, convinced he could have some modifications (fully reversible to put back to stock for collectability) he sought out to create a reliable, higher performing naturally aspirated SRT8 to enjoy. Even with Eric’s Mechanical Engineering degree and vast experience in old school Mopars, it was a territory best left to the wrench turning expertise of SNL Performance and the phenomenal CMR tuning of Exatorq. The modification team didn’t disappoint and delivered Eric his car back with over 100 more horsepower then it originally had and nearly 500 horsepower to the rear wheels.

So the next time you see a fairly stock looking Hemi Orange SRT8 Challenger in the Dallas area, DFWLX event or at a road racing venue and you hear a unique racy lope from the exhaust or an orange streak passing you by it might just be Overpowered in his Hemi Orange Pearl Challenger. &#9689

Vehicle Specs:

  • 2009 Dodge Challenger
  • SRT8 with 6 Speed Tremec
  • W/Trak Pack [21X]
  • MyGIG Nav [RER]
  • SRT Group II Sound [AY2]
  • Power Sunroof [GWA]
  • Hemi Orange Pearl paint


  • Diablo Predator
  • Custom optimized Dyno CMR tune from Exatorq
  • C&L cold air intake
  • Exatorq “X” Cam
  • CNC machined heads
  • PAC valve springs
  • Ported Throttle Body
  • Magnaflow high flow catalytic convertors
  • MBRP 3” high performance dual exhaust with drone eliminating tuning tubes
  • Mopar Front Strut Bar
  • Razors Edge 4 point rear shock tower
  • Skip Shift Eliminator
  • Billet Technologies Oil Catch Can
  • WebElectric Sequential Turn Signals
  • Lloyds SRT Mats
  • Goodyear F1 Supercar tires
  • Royal Purple Synchromax transmission oil


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