Modern Retro – In Print Feature

2006 Dodge Charger R/T
Ricky Erling “OSwindle139”
Member of the Month – August 2009
Photos by Lonnie Fluty

Ricky (OSwindle139) Erling is from Lucas, TX about thirty minutes north of Dallas and has been a member of DFWLX since 2008 and serves as the Communications Coordinator for DFWLX. He is in charge of helping with the social media part of DFWLX as well as sending out the text messages that you may have been receiving about our weekly and monthly events, along with other car shows and any last minute event information.

Aside from DFWLX, Ricky owns and operates CARSHOWPOSTER.COM which specializes in designing most of the posters for the DFWLX club members and many others across the United States. The posters are designed to be as personal as your car and he also ensures the owner a chance to help out in the design process.

Ricky owns a Brilliant Black 2006 “Modern Retro” Dodge Charger R/T. Purchased in 2008 the Charger was bone stock and it did not take long for him to get to work on modifications for it. Wanting to keep with the “Modern Retro” theme that this car came from the factory with but putting his own twist on how he thought these new Chargers should have come from the dealer.

The two biggest modifications on his Charger are 20” Cragar S/S rims; a Shaker hood was added, much like the old Hemi Cuda’s. Ricky also added an original Charger script to the front of the car and an old school Mopar T-Shifter to continue his retro theme. Considering it’s not the 1970’s anymore the car needed to be modernized somehow, which meant adding LED’s and an improved sound system.
The engine compartment is very simple; a lot of open space is covered with fabricated and painted pieces that match the Brilliant Black paint on the exterior. Next custom blue LED halos from AAC were added to the Hi/Low/Fog lights along with blue lighting behind the grille and the Shaker scoop. Blue LED’s were also used to light up the eyes of the Ram emblem on the hood and a Killerglass radiator tube filled with blue fluid and blue LED back lighting. web_oswindle4


Perhaps the most astonishing design aspect of this car was that Ricky himself did almost all the install work on this car himself, from the Shaker hood and custom subwoofer enclosure, to the halos and the grille lighting. This is truly one amazing “Shaken, Not Stirred” Charger! &#9689



    • Danko Shaker with Custom True Fire “HEMI” Air
    • Box Cover
    • Danko SRT Shaker Grille Inserts
    • 20×9 Chrome CRAGAR S/S 610 Wheels
    • Yokohama Parada Spec-X 255/45-20 Tires
    • Custom Brilliant Black “Charger Script Engraved” MGP Caliper Covers
    • BT Park Lock Out Piece
    • AIRAID Intake
    • Magnaflow Exhaust
    • KILLERGLASS with Blue LED Backlight
    • BMW Blue Coolant
    • MOPAR Old School T-Shifter
    • Brilliant Black SRT Grille
    • Old School Script Charger Emblem In Grille
    • Hood Struts
    • Daytona Chin Spoiler
    • Custom Brilliant Black Painted & Tinted Tail Lights
    • Flush Mount Radar
    • Tinted Windows 25% Front, Limo Back Three


  • 10000K HID Headlights
  • AAC Oracle LED Fog Lights
  • Blue CCFL Lights Behind Grille
  • 2- Blue AAC LED Flood Lights In Shaker
  • Blue AAC LED Halo Bling Ringz Hi/Low/Fogs
  • Blue LED Ram Eyes
  • Tinted with Brilliant Black Overlay Marker Lights
  • Sequential Tail Lights
  • Custom Brilliant Black Fuse Box Cover
  • Custom Brilliant Black ABS Cover
  • Custom Brilliant Black Fire Wall Cover
  • Brilliant Black Strut Caps
  • Brilliant Black Radiator Cover
  • Brilliant Black Radiator Reservoir
  • Billet Technology Black Anodized Under Hood Dress Kit
  • Billet Technology Black Anodized Script “Charger” Sill Plates
  • Billet Technology Black Anodized R/T Shifter Plate
  • Custom Built Flush Mount Dual 10” Sub Woofer Box
  • 2- 10” Kicker Comp Sub Woofers
  • Kicker ZX300.1 Amp



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