Mean White Monster – In Print Feature

2007 Dodge Charger
Nick Lotich “Sparkyloti6789”
Member of the Month – July 2011
Photos by Tony Walls

Chances are that if you have attended a DFWLX event such as a weekly meet and greet, monthly event, or a DFWLX Race Team event you have met Nick “Sparkyloti6789” Lotich. Nick, or Sparky as he is more commonly known, is absolutely everywhere and proudly represents DFWLX whether it be at a car show, race track, or just bumping into a fellow LX/LC/LD owner in the parking lot of a store.

“If someone could bleed DFWLX I would,”

Sparky found his way to DFWLX during a Cars and Coffee event at Classic BMW Plano in December of 2010. “Cody ‘Dominion’ came up to me and began talking to me about my car and then talked about the club for a little bit. He gave me a DFWLX club card and as soon as I got home I joined the club.”

The love of both the classic and new Chargers was something that led Sparky to his 2007 white Charger. “I would watch movies as a kid and think that it would be cool to one day own a Charger and having one now it a great feeling,” he explains. There are many future plans Sparky has for his Charger including an SRT8 hood and new rims.

It’s been a long journey for Sparky from his icy back road drag racing days in Chicago. He is now a member of the DFWLX Race Team and his passion for the track has led him towards respectability in bracket racing as well as other events. He takes his “Mean White Monster” Charger fearlessly down the track time after time looking to constantly improve his skill and overall performance. Squeezing every bit out of his car and with pure determination and dogged effort he has improved his reaction time tremendously since that first time sitting in the staging lane at North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas.

web_sparky3 I can’t say enough about the help that both Bill ‘Roz One’ and Jorge ‘Surfer1420’ have given me. Without their help I wouldn’t be doing anywhere near as well as I am now.


Recently Sparky was given the Staff position of Club Recruiter. The fact that he is absolutely everywhere and that he will approach anyone that owns a LX/LC/LD platform vehicle made the position a perfect fit for him. His responsibilities also include distribution of club cards and club decals to members. If you are in need of either, chances are Sparky will be somewhere that you can easily get them from him.

DFWLX is family and Sparky is a proud part of it. &#9689


  • 20 Pounds of nitrous oxide
  • AAC-white ccfl headlight halos
  • AAC- led scanner in the grill
  • Ledglow- million color lights underglow
  • Autolumination- blue dome lights and back seat lights
  • Daytona spoiler
  • Daytona style side stripes and black out trunk (side strips instead of daytona it says Monster)
  • White headlight housing matching car color
  • Monster claw side markers
  • 8 Feet of led strips 2 in the engine bay and 2 on the bottom mouth grill
  • 2 Led strips under neath dashboard of the driver side and passenger side


  • Custom made cold air intake
  • R/T true dual exhaust system
  • R/T rims


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