Weekly M&G’s

“It’s that time again. Who’s coming out to join the fun?” That quote in any other setting would leave one guessing and left to wonder what in the world is event being discussed. However, to DFWLX members it is a phrase that holds so much history, so much background, and answers so many questions it is truly all that is needed to get people motivated and amped up to be ready to go. This one phrase rings out every morning on meet days. It is that simple little reminder that lets a member know soon DFWLX will be having a great time spending the afternoon with friends, fellow club members and the extended DFWLX family. The club prides itself on having meet and greets every day of the week, with prime locations scattered throughout the DFW Metroplex. With meets that feel much more like a Sunday dinner with the family than an awkward social gathering that one would have to attend to keep their status at the highest level. This is something that truly sets DFWLX meet and greets apart from the average car clubs.

Upon pulling into the parking lot one will notice something is very different about what makes up a typical meet. One can expect to see members of the club standing around their car, sitting back talking about their rides, with the hoods open, cars lined up and everything on full display. The meets treat even a night out for dinner with friends as something that much more; it is that pride that sets them apart. The meets allow members time to set aside the drama and stress of the corporate world and discuss what brings them together. During these times it is often a new beginning for most. These meet and greets are often when new members get a taste of what DFWLX has to offer. With open arms new members are introduced to everyone and made to feel like they have been a part of the club since day one.

With each meet location being at different locations it also brings in a different feel from day to day. If you want to be surrounded by every type of car and be part of a huge meet up or just one with that “Cheers” appeal DFWLX has a location that is right for you. It is all about allowing you the freedom to come and go as you please and enjoy the atmosphere that fits you best. With must admiration growing, it often leaves members with that feeling of wanting more and it truly turns into the glue that keeps the club members united and a tradition that has grown much larger than just hanging out. There is never a shortage of laughs, smiles, and knowledge being passed around that comes from having such a diverse group of members that show up with such a rich wealth of knowledge and camaraderie that is passed down day after day.

The next time you are sitting around the house and have nothing to do, come out and join a DFWLX meet and greet. DFWLX would love to have you over for dinner…

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